Treatment Update 7/26/17


I’m into my second month of the new treatment protocol. I am giving myself daily injections of an antibiotic called Rocephin. The injections are pretty painful…the soreness and knots they cause in my thigh muscles particularly. However, it’ll be worth it to make some real headway on beating this disease. So far I’ve noticed a small increase in energy. My pain levels remain the same and I’m fighting a herxheimer reaction to all of the toxins building up in my body because of the dying off of the borrelia burgdorfi (lyme) bacteria.

Unfortunately my stomach hasn’t been handling it all very well, so I’m doing a lot of work in order to build up gut health. I drink colostrum twice a day, take probiotics and other supplements that are good for the gut. I’m incorporating bone broth as well and am looking to try kombucha and a few other aids.

I’m also constantly working on detoxifying my organs and systems. I have been doing castor oil packs for the liver, drinking dandelion root tea, taking L-Glutathione via spray, taking renelix for the kidneys, drinking loads of lemon water and taking epsom salt baths. I also have to take magnesium and eat bananas for potassium. This is all in addition to the meds. It’s a crazy schedule. I feel like it’s a full-time job!

I am going to start back on Mepron and Zithromax today orally for Babesia. I’m praying my stomach tolerates it. I think it was really helping before I had to quit. Appreciate continued prayers as I battle this uphill journey.


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